Clear the Clutter: Home and Office Organizer

Clear the Clutter: Home and Office Organizer Becky Graybill, Clear the Clutter

How does my service work?

1. Call for a free consultation

The first step is to call me for a free consultation in your home or office. This may be the hardest step of all! Most of my clients like Jennifer are used to solving problems by themselves, so it feels uncomfortable to ask for help. Or they may feel ashamed and hesitate to call me because it's so hard to let another person see this part of their lives that they have been unable to handle. Clutter can be very personal, so it may feel difficult or embarrassing to invite a stranger in your home to go through your stuff. Believe me, I understand! All I can say is that I'll be gentle! Seriously, it is a huge priority for me to be respectful of you, your privacy, and your belongings while I gently encourage you to make decisions about your stuff.

Others worry that it will be hard to find time or that this process will be expensive. You will be surprised how affordable it is to make enormous progress. And my schedule is very flexible, so I can accommodate your schedule. We're going to break this whole process down into small, manageable steps... starting here. So all we have to do during this first phone call is find a time to schedule a one-hour visit to your home or office. And there is no risk at all because that first visit is free.

2. The free consultation visit—what happens?

This initial free visit will usually take about 1 hour. During that time you will show me the areas in your home or office that you are concerned about, and we will talk about the options you have for making them better. I will take a look at the patterns and flow of the situation and you will tell me about what has worked and not worked, as well as personal habits and styles that need to be accommodated. We'll also get to know each other, laugh a little bit, and share information about how we each got to this place. By the end of this meeting we'll have a pretty good feel for each other and how we will approach your project, and you can decide if you want to move forward.

3. What do we do next?

Since every situation is completely different we'll develop a plan that is tailored specifically to your needs. We will work within your time frame, your budget and your understanding of what works for you and what doesn't. Sometimes just one or two sessions is all it takes to get you back in control of your space. With other people it can take a bit longer. I usually like to book between 2 and 4 hour time blocks, which is long enough to get a good piece of work done and still short enough to stay focused.

My job is to help you decide what is needed to make your home or office more functional and to keep us on track. During each of those visits I will restate our priorities and goals for the visit. And then the fun begins! Of course we will make all decisions together as we go along. These are some of the things we typically do:

This is hard work. We'll both be tired at the end of our meetings. After all, if this were easy you would have done it yourself long ago. But I think you will also find that you feel tremendously relieved. My clients tell me that they feel lighter almost immediately - like a burden has been lifted. Besides, I'll be right there beside you to make it all easier. We'll laugh and eat chocolate if we have to!

4. An uncluttered vision of your future

How many places in your life can you get instant gratification without guilt? This is one of them. This kind of change happens very rapidly and it immediately feels wonderful. It is so exciting to see your house with new eyes, with your treasures honored and the clutter disposed of. Some people say it feels like their house is a home again. Others say that everything feels more possible... like there is room for their dreams to come true. I like to think that your home is now what it is supposed to be - a refuge from the world that feels inviting, comforting, safe and warm.

Because we have established systems to keep things uncluttered, your new-found order should be easy to maintain. Even your family can be trained to put things in their places so they can be found right away. However if you ever do need a touch-up I am just a phone call away. With many clients I come in just a couple of hours a month for a while to help keep things on track while you're learning how to live your new uncluttered life.

Beyond that, what I hear most frequently is that my clients feel free to live the life they want now that their mess is behind them. How good is that? I feel so lucky to be a part of the process!