Clear the Clutter: Home and Office Organizer

Clear the Clutter: Home and Office Organizer Becky Graybill, Clear the Clutter

Does this sound like you?

Meet Jennifer. Her life has become completely hectic, with too many responsibilities and demands on her time. She is married with children, is a full-time professional, and is also active in her community. She wants her home to be a healthy, nurturing place to raise her family, but unfortunately it is the last thing on her list of priorities. The laundry is out of control, the mail is stacking up and bills aren’t getting paid on time, and there are still things in boxes from when they moved in 10 years ago. The garage looks like a tornado hit it, and forget about her car – you have to wade through the fast food wrappers to find the car seats!

Weekends are taken up with family activities, and there is just never enough time to keep the house from being chaotic. Her husband and kids don't think the clutter is a big deal, so she is the only one who is bothered by it. To make matters worse, some part of her thinks she has to be a superwoman, and feels like asking for help is 'cheating'.

I help a lot of people like Jennifer, who just can't find time to create the order they'd like to have in their homes. They would love to have family over for dinner, let the kids have friends in for sleep-overs, and just be able to do a thorough cleaning, but as long as the clutter is clogging up their lives they are embarrassed and don’t know where to start changing things.

Of course, you may not have anything in common with Jennifer except a disorganized house. Maybe you just have one or two areas that need help. Still, if it feels like your life would be better if your stuff was more organized I can help you too. Perhaps you:

Many busy people have trouble finding time and energy to take control of their clutter. I specialize in helping people like you, who could use a little extra help getting over the 'hump' with organizing their home or office. I work in a gentle, friendly, respectful way that gets the job done with the least amount of drama. My service is convenient, supportive, and affordable. You don't have to do this alone! Here's how to get started »