Clear the Clutter: Home and Office Organizer

Clear the Clutter: Home and Office Organizer Becky Graybill, Clear the Clutter

Hi, my name is Becky Graybill and I help people organize their homes and offices. My business is called Clear the Clutter and I work in the Olympia, Washington area bringing my organizational skills to people who are overwhelmed by 'things' or 'stuff'.

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August Special

Take the heat off ‘back-to-school’ drama by getting the kids rooms ready for the school year. Book 4 or more hours this month of children’s room organization and get 1 hour free.


“Clearing my own clutter has been almost prohibitively difficult. I guess I'm used to things the way they are. Plus, it's difficult to find the time, it's emotionally complicated, and it is just damn hard work. What a tremendous relief it was to finally have help with this process. I absolutely love the result!”